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Weight of a Word

Your thoughts, your feelings, The emotions you’re perceiving- What are they, if not fragments of beauty?
Epitome of beauty be that mind of yours, That heart that loves simplicity, The beauty you see around- Invisible to busy eyes, Incomprehensible to worried minds.
How do you pen a poem then Of the beauty you see From that heart of yours? Do you break sentences? Do you rhyme words? Or do you just read, And, after every four seconds, pause?
How would you express your heart? With long words from a heavy lexicon? How long should each word be, Sitting on someone’s dictionary?
And if all you want is to gently read, Write the poem a broken heart would need, Not simple meanings behind words too-long, Write your heart out to a simple song. Write the word that makes you believe Not the one that looks good on paper. Choose the word that weighs more No matter the length be nine or four. Ask yourself, what would make you believe, Choose what would make you read and re-read.
Ask yourself, how you…