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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Four Year Old Blog Goals 2016

It's been thirteen long days since I wished my family a happy new year while forgetting to wish my blog the same. Nor did I celebrate its fourth birthday on 26th December 2015.

Often a times, I feel like one of those ruthless mothers who do not know how to take care of one's child or those fair weather friends who refuse to acknowledge their friends in need. So when I am all busy and preoccupied, my poor blog is out of my mind.

The reason might not entirely be the way I presented it to be for I did wait for something great to happen so that I could feel the pages of my dear blog with some food for thought. But sometimes great things happen every day or they do not at all, so that you do not get a chance to fathom it. 

Studying in a B school implies very less time for old friends and old habits. Blogging does take a back seat. But when every term I get to read so much about human behaviour, blogging seldom leaves my mind.

I come across so many people every day - each one carrying a wee difference than the others, unique in their own way. Some are those who always talk behind your back, some would always try to tell you how you're living your life the wrong way. I, however, would like to write about the good ones.

Gone is 2015 so I will keep the previous year's stories aside. During the process, I would also try my best to put thoughts of those people aside who could not bring any smile to my face. 

So although I am bad at making promises and worse at making new year resolutions, I do make innocuous statements of hope,

So, this is how I plan to make my new year work for me:

I shall write about the good people in my life, the objective of which would be to spread happiness, so that my readers and I focus on the kinder side of the world. Sometimes writing about good people may imply writing about new people - well, let's see how this one turns up. 

I shall also try my best to lose, and my fingers tremble as I type this owing to my fear of commitment, some weight so that I do not have to face the health issues I faced last year (and still facing). Now I think it's too early to define "some" but a healthy BMI is where my target would be.

Also, I shall keep adding more hopeful statements to my plan-
because change is what we all should seek, constantly.