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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Finding Home

May be I finally understand now or may be I never will...

She escapes a country to find herself in another. The rummage, she knows, can never be over.

Perhaps one life is not enough to find one's true home. You travel to places, you seek comfort, you travel the entire world just to find a sign of it. Perhaps this world is not enough. Another world, another life or may be just another day could be it.
May be now I understand why he has given up trying to chase his dreams, why he has finally given in to mere dreaming.
The world is too realistic for him to be. Dreaming is comfort. He travelled the world to find his home - not the home where his family would be, but where he could sleep peacefully. He now knows his fears aren't real and so his scars. He hides behind those scars, while in another country, she wears her scars proudly and continues her rummage. She is living her dream, albeit unhappy. But he, he knows his dreams are more real than his fears. And someday, in their dreams they'd meet... Perhaps, both of them will then find their home, in another world, in another life or perhaps, just another day.

For me - I'd just sip a cup of bitter coffee and write about them, for hopes I've none, faith I've plenty. And may be wherever I see a little ray of hope, I'll call it home.
Because may be I finally understand now or may be I never will.