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Beyond the Hilltop

Where does the serpentine road lead?
To the hill's top and beyond.
A tiny hut resides at the end of the road,
The road ends where people do not go.
There rests in peace my muse and love
Within a coffin made of soil and leaves.
Sometimes, she sits atop the mountains people do not see,
Touching the clouds, she smiles in glee.
And when the wars will end and birds will sing.
She will turn the serpentine road around,
For a new world to lead.

Exploring the City of Lakes - Udaipur

I like solitude, to be left alone for a date with my thoughts. It’s beautiful the way you do not feel lonely even though you know not a single person in the place you are in, in the city you are in. Although I have travelled alone before, gone to places all by myself, I’d never be entirely alone- I’d meet friends in the city or along the journey. This time I decided to make my comfort zone a little wider, to add one more escapade to it- a solo trip of four days and three nights to Udaipur, a must-visit city for tourists in the state of Rajasthan, India.
Beginning with the transportation from Gurgaon/Delhi to Udaipur- I luckily got flight tickets cheaper than that of train. I booked the tickets only a week before my departure date; train fare was somewhere around 1700 INR while airfare was around 1500 INR. (However, the return tickets cost me a fortune so I still suggest taking a bus or a train for those who have the time and patience/)
I expected Day #1 to be an uneventful one for t…

Your Story

Someday you will tell them your story.
But darling, do not think that they'll listen to it.
They will hush you up.
"Pretend that it never happened,"
They will tell this as they avert their eyes.
They will not pat your back.
They will not see how brave you were.
They will only see the scars and not the wounds.
All they will wish for is those scars to disappear.
But dear, when you have born those wounds
With all your heart and might,
Dare you not lose the scars.
Scars that define who you are now,
Scars that will tell your story
When the world will shut their ears,
Scars that will pat your back
And remind you of the courage you had shown,
For, darling, you will need to be brave
And again.