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You and I

Somewhere far,
In another constellation of stars,
Maybe you're right
And maybe I'm wrong,
And maybe I'm not as sick and frail and unsound,
And maybe you stay
Like the darkest of nights that didn't leave today.
A thousand years would go by,
Only to let in a thousand more.
Maybe we smile
Lying beneath the countless clouds of a faraway sky.
Maybe time stands still
For it no longer matters
Or maybe it gently passes by
Like the breeze from a land we visited once.
Once, Twice or thrice, maybe we shed tears too
On the wounds of distant scars
Slowly healing
The way rainbows disappear.
Maybe we smear dirt
On each other's faces
Like children play
With their eyes closed
But hearts open,
And maybe we no longer deny
That there still exists true love
Somewhere far
Beneath the same sky we look at tonight,
Love that overpowers eternity,
Oblivion and destiny.
Love, when it is just you and me.

Forgotten Forevers

If only truths were spoken,
I can say forevers can be counted,
On the tiny fingers of love
Born a few years ago,
On the walls painted red,
Every year on the same date.

But love has grown up now.
The red walls have been repainted,
This time, on another date,
Only to be repeated year after year,
One false forever after another.

And truths, these days, are spoken
The same way promises are made,
With gritted teeth and crossed fingers.

At the end of the day,
All smiles seem fake,
The fake forevers remain
To be counted upon the stars,
One after the other,
Some forgotten,
Some too dim to be seen,
But a forever, nevertheless,
Another star to keep.