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When he made that charming cup of tea,
And when he smiled, so lovingly,
You knew you were changing,
Your stone cold heart was now melting,
One pebble at a time.

And when he touched you, gently,
You just smiled.
Oh, did it hurt then?
When you knew he was leaving?
Or, were you just embracing
The moment, without grieving?

His presence,
His perfume,
Did that make you forget
About someone you left
Long before he came?

And when he talked about his love,
Did you reminisce yours?
Or is it him you thought about,
And his lost love of yore?

When he asked about you,
You knew you were ready to tell,
To tell him about all you know,
And all that has bothered you, ever so.

Did you tell him then that you were broken?
Or did you just shed a drop of tear?
Tell me, did you just smile,
And pretended to be just fine?
Did your heart want to cry?
Did you feel like running away to hide?

When he caressed your hands,
You knew you wanted him to stay.
You knew if he just stayed,
You'd heal a little more,

The Door

I took a step
And it dragged my body along.
I don't wanna go,
For I know what's behind that red door.
I fear I may ruin,
What has already been torn.
They say
Fear is nothing
But your future in your nightmares.
When I sleep these days,
I see that red door.
The door bleeds
And the cave, it guards,
Shrieks at midnight.
I don't wanna go.
But on some dark nights,
When the moon disappears,
I find myself caged
Behind that red door.


I have seen fresh flowers decay;
I have seen them rot and die.
So, I know things end
And I could just sulk and cry.
Tears slosh within me like waves.
No, don't look at me in the eye.
For even if your eyes touch mine
I'll just run away, hide and cry.
Things will never be the same
Now that you're leaving my side.
Who knows if we'll meet again
Or if it indeed is our last Goodbye.

My Blah Poem

When I was fifteen
Growing up was the new thing :-)

I said no kissing
Till I turn eighteen :-/

A secret room for two
When I turn twenty-two <3

But now I'm twenty-four
And I throw him out that door  :-/

Tomorrow I'll be twenty-six
And I'll be in a fix  :-(

For when I'm thirty
Things might get dirty :-O

Because I'll again need you
When I turn thirty-two :-)

But when we both turn sixty
Being together will be risky :-/

For we'd want to be fifteen again
And break the promise of kissing too late. :-P

Song Of The Dead

She whispers words in my ears,
Songs in my head,
Dark songs in my soul.
She vanishes as dawn breaks.
And when the night
Covers me
With its starless blanket,
She appears again
On the doorstep.
Two gentle knocks
On the wooden door.
She calls out my name.
She then whispers my name,
Again and again.
She sings songs of the past,
Songs of the dead.
She wears the moon
On her face.
But tonight's a moonless night;
She bears no face.
She whispers death in my ears,
Songs in my head.
Songs forgotten,
Songs of the dead.


I bite the bitter leaves
Of the tree that grows in my backyard.
I pick up the yellow ones,
Dying and pretending to be
I hear her speak,
In that familiar accent.
She laughs aloud;
A shrill pitch in her voice.
Deep red lipstick on her lips.
A little more flare in her hair.
Her eyes beam as she talks.
I look at myself,
Then I look at her.
I was more real
With the leaves I hold on to.
She plucks flowers
From my backyard.
I feel sorry
Both for the flower
And her.
Fake, I called her once
And made her cry.
He called her beautiful.
I looked at her again,
And that made me cry.