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The Infinite Equinox – A Book-Review

First Published inSpringtide - Inspiring Youth Igniting Mindson 11th December 2014
Author: Bhavya Kaushik Published by: Petals Publishers First Edition: December 2014 Number of Pages: 200 Language: English
After hurriedly reading the blurb on the back of The Infinite Equinox (TIE) first, my inattentive mind assumed that it is the journey of a girl from the streets of India to a well-settled life in Seattle.
Only after I reached mid-way of the journey of TIE did I realize that it is not just a single journey – there are two.
The first being the escape of the protagonist from the cruel begging rackets prevalent in the country and the second being the quest of the protagonist to find her origins not only for mental peace but also to be able to survive.
It is essential for Tamanna, the protagonist to find her parents or siblings in order to survive the cancer she was detected with – Leukemia.
Being abducted at an early age, Tamanna has no memory of the place she used to live in with her family. S…