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Monday, November 3, 2014

Chasing Tomorrow

They say that if you take care of the present the future will fall in place.

I doubt it.

Almost two months ago I was all at sea on what to do to make my future better than my present.
"Priorities" was the word and I had a handful, all at the same level.
I took some time and prioritized them into various levels, my first priority being "today".

A week later, I was happier than never before - fewer worries, fewer goals, all focused.

Two months have elapsed and now I feel I am just stuck with today. I don't know what's in store for me in the future (Well, nobody does). But even my today is slipping out of my hands.
I'm losing my grip. I am losing control so I am letting it go.

But sometimes, I repeat, sometimes life's not so much of a fairy tale when you let go of things.

May be you need to let go of only the wrong things and stick to the right things and hold them till your hands bleed.

My hands aren't bleeding. I let go and it doesn't take me anywhere. I hold on but there's nothing in my hands' reach.
I am just stuck.

Yesterday, life was a bed of roses;
I introduced a few thorns
And they left me bleeding.
I held them close
Till it hurt no more.
I let go of them
So I bleed no more.
I smiled and I hoped
For scented haze.
There was no pain,
But no beauty stayed.
The petals were gone
And away were the leaves.
And when Tomorrow looked back,
He laughed and said,
"Oh, life's no fun,
Without a single thorn."
He was out of my reach,
So, I clung to Today
Till Today came to me
And whispered, "You fool,
I never leave,
I always stay,
Like the thorn in your heart,
Your glee and your sorrow.
Now forget the roses of Yesterday.
And go, chase Tomorrow."