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Showing posts from September 8, 2014

The Liebster Blog Award I and II

So I just found it out today that Geeta Nair ( nominated me for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD (liebster meaning “favourite” in German, which reminds me of the first German sentence I learnt - ich liebe dich :-D) last year.  Also on the same month of November 2013, I was nominated for this award by Bhavya Kaushik ( too.  I understand that I am too late in honouring the two nominations of the Liebster Award  but I am a big  fan of the saying – “ better late than never” , so I am going to accept it anyway.
Rules of receiving the award :
• To accept the award one must link back to the person who nominated him/ her.
• Nominate 10 more bloggers who you feel are deserving of more subscribers. • Answer all questions posted by the nominator. • Create 10 questions for the nominees. • Contact the 10 nominees and inform them that they have been nominated for this prestigious award.

I further nominate the bloggers whose blogs I like.
My nominees are –