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Five Questions I am tired of Answering ever since I moved out of Assam

Below are the five questions I am tired of answering ever since I moved out of Assam :  

“What’s with the fake British Accent?” or “Do people not speak Hindi in Assam?” OR “No matter what language you speak, it feels like you’re speaking Bengali” OR (The BAAP of all) “You have a Bangladeshi accent”

And these comments just leave me with nothing but a jaw drop. :-/ For God’s sake,it’s not a fake accent and it’s definitely neither British nor Bangladeshi. If anything it should be, it would be Assamese or better – my own accent. And if I know Bengali, that’s an add-on; that doesn’t make me a Bengali person. And yes, in Assam most of the people do know and speak Hindi. Hmph!

Do you eat dogs?

 And my dear, why did you leave snakes and cats and rats and anything that crawls or climbs? Well, the answer is a NO. I don’t eat dogs nor do most of the people I know (well, some may just do and it's their choice). But yes, I have started eating crabs AFTER COMING TO MUMBAI. But then that would be…

Of a Flame she tamed...

I wake up in the middle of the night

I see her wail in pain
"I feel like dying"
was all she said...

She screams at the top of her voice
her screams, frightening
"I feel like dying"
she kept on repeating

Oh, hold her as she burns like a flame
"I hold a fire in me"
she cries
as she prays to be...

Oh! like a flower, plucked, long dead
I see her wither
as she lies awake
and moves thither...

"Let me be"
she pleads and weeps
and I close the door
till eternity, she sleeps..