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Friday, March 28, 2014

The ITian

College was about to end
And Employers were at the door
Discussions and Interviews
Like there had been none before

Being selected as one
Was like winning a battle
And everywhere I’d see
Congratulations did rattle

The victory was ephemeral
And it soon meant losing
When time was to leave home
Family and friends, so loving

They say, “job-life’s boring”
And you gulp in fear
Alas! it is no less than fun
When you find new friends, dear

And it’s another world here
Framed in the cold block
With warm smiles and hope
A system, desk and a lock

The indolent youth
Spending four hours in college
Now spent nine in office
Working to gain knowledge

Within a month or two
We too became professional
Work and Responsibilities
And a personal life in parallel

Family would motivate
Bosses would guide
Colleagues would help
and we sail with the tide

“Priorities” is the word
We learned as we grew
From students to employees
Of such a change, who knew?

There are personalities
who inspire us to do more
there are speeches and sessions
and we learn from each chore

With high hopes and determination
We begin each day
With queries, sessions and tasks
Completing by the end of the day

Soon this too shall pass
then it all might seem black and white
But for now, let life be colored

It’s new; it’s fun and tomorrow seems bright...