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The ITian

College was about to end And Employers were at the door Discussions and Interviews Like there had been none before
Being selected as one Was like winning a battle And everywhere I’d see Congratulations did rattle
The victory was ephemeral And it soon meant losing When time was to leave home Family and friends, so loving
They say, “job-life’s boring” And you gulp in fear Alas! it is no less than fun When you find new friends, dear
And it’s another world here Framed in the cold block With warm smiles and hope A system, desk and a lock
The indolent youth Spending four hours in college Now spent nine in office Working to gain knowledge
Within a month or two We too became professional Work and Responsibilities And a personal life in parallel
Family would motivate Bosses would guide Colleagues would help and we sail with the tide
“Priorities” is the word We learned as we grew From students to employees Of such a change, who knew?
There are personalities who inspire us to do more there are…