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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Readoholic / Foodoholic / Movie-oholic’s Utopia

Everyone must have a different Utopia. And if I had a place in mine, it would be all filled with food and books and food and books, an occasionally a movie or two.

When I was in my final year of Engineering in Guwahati, I “nurtured” the habit of going out to eat every day and for a movie, every alternate week. When I landed on Mumbai, to my utter delight I found that only a kilometer away stood the building of my dreams – the Movie Hall. No wonder, Saturday and Sunday evenings were spent watching the latest show in the Movie Complex.

Eventually, some of my friends and I decided to go for a movie on every Friday evening, after office hours. Bookmyshow came into picture and hours were spent deciding on the perfect time to leave office and on reaching the place before the trailers are shown. As we realized we are spending a lot of money on our movie-affair we relied on discounts and coupons – early bird discounts at the hall and Rs. 50-100 off on CupoNation.

Now that ten months have elapsed being on Mumbai, I realized that watching every other movie might not be a good idea. Movies like Shaadi ke Side Effects, Bewakoofiyan, Annabelle were nothing but disappointments. I pledged not to go for a movie without knowing the plot/watching the trailer/knowing anything about the actors/director. Movies like Queen, Interstellar, Daawat-e-Ishq, How to Train Your Dragon 2 were good decisions made.

Of late, the frequency of my visits to the Movie Complex has lessened. I have opted out from going along with my friends for Telugu (a language I do not understand) movies unlike before. This may partly be because I have bought a dangerous number of books recently yet to be read by me.
When I came to Mumbai I brought only a magazine with me. Now I have more than 30 books kept neatly on the table near my bed, around 70 magazines and 6-8 diaries. I had bought only three books in the month of January, but eventually I learned about the Book Deals available on the Internet (of course, CupoNation and other such sites that rescue mere IT engineers like me) and saved an awful amount of money and bought an awful number of books. Have I read them? The Signature of All Things is read 1/5th, Kahlil Gibran 1/20th, Bhagavad Gita 1/10th, The Winning Way 2/3rd, Her Story ½, etc.

I’ll read them eventually, I know. And there are just so many more books to read and life is just so short. Phew.

My recent obsession is food. I have always been obsessed with food but in August-October’2014 I had actually stopped eating a lot/outside/junk. I have again developed the usual cravings. Every weekend is a feast. Every alternate day in office is spent ordering food online. The delivery guys can recognize me. The address of my flat and office is no more a place unknown them. And now that I sit and write this post on a lazy Saturday morning, I also open the site for all kinds of food/restaurant deals on my browser, order an awful lot of food which will, no doubt, be more than sufficient for me and my roommates, and eat them all up and go for a sleep dreaming about the Utopia I live in.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Interstellar : A Retrospection

  • Initial release: November 4, 2014 (London)
    Director: Christopher Nolan
    Screenplay: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
  • Cast : Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Wes Bentley, etc.
  • My Ratings : 4.7/5   5/5

  • They make movies so larger than life, and then they throw us back into reality, leaving us wondering about it all that happened in just a span of a little less than three wee hours.

    Watching Interstellar was more than just fun - it was thought-provoking, and for an emotional fool like me, it was emotions-provoking too.

    A story well-thought-of, a movie well-made.

    The 169 minutes I spent watching it made me awe at the immensity of everything.

    There are times when I think that the human race just screwed it all up by inventing money and making us all so materialistic about trying to achieve something great in this illusion called life. But there are times like this when we realize there's more in the world than just a mere life to live; there's just so much to explore, and some people are doing it almost everyday.

    There's so much sacrifice involved for those who have pursued to explore the world outside of the sphere we live in. And there is, involved, a lot of curiosity, too.

    It's really something to ponder upon that there is a space where time doesn't fly as swiftly as it does on earth. There might be a wormhole where time is not linear. And even if the wormhole is nothing but just a literary device, there indeed exists places where things are not the same as we experience them here on Earth.

    These are the times when I just look with pity at my life that's going to end without knowing the realities of the other worlds. And these are the times that I marvel at the capabilities of the human mind when they can think of such stories and make such movies. And I marvel more at the minds who work day in and day out, in real, to search for the truths the Universe is veiling us from.

    A movie that questioned not only my existence and the existence of other dimensions and worlds undiscovered, but also my feelings as I cried when the lead actors did at the thought of not seeing their families again.

    A great movie indeed. And I believe that the movies that leave you crying or spellbound are worth cherishing for the rest of your life. Interstellar stands to be one of those movies that leave a mark on you.

    [P.S. I could give it a rating of 5/5 but I took back 0.3 since it was but difficult to realize the fact that Teenager Murph understood that it was no one but her Dad sending her signals by looking at the code on her watch. Okay, on second thought, only she and her Dad knew about the watch so may be it's plausible. Fine, I rate it back to 5/5. :-P . Any movie that goes on my favourites' list deserves 5/5. I am not an unbiased critic :-P ]

    [P.P.S. Anne Hathaway, I love you :-D]

    Monday, November 3, 2014

    Chasing Tomorrow

    They say that if you take care of the present the future will fall in place.

    I doubt it.

    Almost two months ago I was all at sea on what to do to make my future better than my present.
    "Priorities" was the word and I had a handful, all at the same level.
    I took some time and prioritized them into various levels, my first priority being "today".

    A week later, I was happier than never before - fewer worries, fewer goals, all focused.

    Two months have elapsed and now I feel I am just stuck with today. I don't know what's in store for me in the future (Well, nobody does). But even my today is slipping out of my hands.
    I'm losing my grip. I am losing control so I am letting it go.

    But sometimes, I repeat, sometimes life's not so much of a fairy tale when you let go of things.

    May be you need to let go of only the wrong things and stick to the right things and hold them till your hands bleed.

    My hands aren't bleeding. I let go and it doesn't take me anywhere. I hold on but there's nothing in my hands' reach.
    I am just stuck.

    Yesterday, life was a bed of roses;
    I introduced a few thorns
    And they left me bleeding.
    I held them close
    Till it hurt no more.
    I let go of them
    So I bleed no more.
    I smiled and I hoped
    For scented haze.
    There was no pain,
    But no beauty stayed.
    The petals were gone
    And away were the leaves.
    And when Tomorrow looked back,
    He laughed and said,
    "Oh, life's no fun,
    Without a single thorn."
    He was out of my reach,
    So, I clung to Today
    Till Today came to me
    And whispered, "You fool,
    I never leave,
    I always stay,
    Like the thorn in your heart,
    Your glee and your sorrow.
    Now forget the roses of Yesterday.
    And go, chase Tomorrow."