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The Liebster Blog Award I and II

So I just found it out today that Geeta Nair ( nominated me for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD (liebster meaning “favourite” in German, which reminds me of the first German sentence I learnt - ich liebe dich :-D) last year.
 Also on the same month of November 2013, I was nominated for this award by Bhavya Kaushik ( too.
 I understand that I am too late in honouring the two nominations of the Liebster Award  but I am a big  fan of the saying – “ better late than never” , so I am going to accept it anyway.

Rules of receiving the award :

• To accept the award one must link back to the person who nominated him/ her.

• Nominate 10 more bloggers who you feel are deserving of more subscribers.
• Answer all questions posted by the nominator.
• Create 10 questions for the nominees.
• Contact the 10 nominees and inform them that they have been nominated for this prestigious award.

I further nominate the bloggers whose blogs I like.

My nominees are –

Janaki Nagaraj @
Suresh Chandrasekaran @
Prabhat Singh
Himanshu Chhabra
Dhristy Dasgupta @

My answers to Geeta’s questions :

1)      Blogging to you means?
Ans: Saying what I want to convey to the masses in order to bring a change, Connecting to my own feelings which I don’t notice when I am not alone, revealing a side of me and not ;-)

2) You are walking alone in the middle of the night. A black cat jumps on you. Your reaction?
Ans: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Infinity!!

3) The climax is nearing. You are anxious to know it. Suddenly your mother-in-law calls you saying it’s urgent. What would you do?
Ans: Climax of what? A movie? I’m going to attend a call anyway. Wait a sec, did you say mother-in-law? Umm… whoever it is, urgency comes first.

4) A day at home or a week at sea. Which would you prefer and why?
Ans: A week at sea; home-days are often, sea-days sound fun.

5) Your best companion?
Ans: Myself

6) You are in the middle of something important at office. Your spouse calls you up just to tell you he/ she loves you. Your reaction?
Ans: Spouse? I’d say “love you too” to almost anyone who calls me to say it at any time of the day, provided he/she is someone I know well. (Not to stalkers, obviously)

7) People appreciate you for?
Ans: Kindness, Boldness, Helpfulness, they say. I’m not very sure if anyone really means it. (I am quite paranoid at times) I accept their appreciation with a wide grin anyway.

8) Your musings on life in 3 sentences.
Ans: Your life is an examination, you don’t have any competitors so you can top easily but my friend,  the cut-off marks are too high.

9) The one thing you are really scared of?
Ans: Umm… I have a fear of slippery surfaces (If anybody knows what is it called in one word do let me know.). I am trying to overcome it, of late.

10) Three things you are really crazy about and why?
Ans : Reading some great lines before sleeping – they just bring peace to me for no apparent reason.
Having good food – a day spent without eating some delicious chicken is a day wasted
Diary Writing – It lifts my spirits up no matter what the situation I am in.

My answers to Bhavya’s questions -
     1.      Why did you start blogging?
Ans: To write a short story every day and get proper suggestions on it. No, it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.
 2.      How did you choose the title of your blog and how is it relevant to what you write?
 Ans: Years before I started blogging, I was just hooked to this name – “Pens and Pages”. It was to be the name of my first book – a compilation of short stories. No, that never happened and I grew up realizing the world’s not an easy place for those who are lazy.
 3.      If you could travel anywhere in this world, where would you go?
 Ans : Everywhere
 4.      What is your favourite book and why?
 Ans : Eat, Pray, Love, The Bell Jar and Absent in the Spring – they are equally close to me and I can just relate to the protagonists on these books, feeling as if they can be no one but me.
  5.      Who is your biggest inspiration? 
Ans : I get inspired by a lot of people by their simple acts. Can’t name them all.
6. If you were writing an autobiography, what would the title be?
Ans: Let’s not hurry into naming imaginary stuffs. I am bad at naming anyway. :-P
7.      Do you have any short term/ long term goals that you’re working towards?
Ans: Short Term – Yes. Long Term – Confused. 
8.      If you could pick one character from a book to be your best friend, who would you pick and why? 
Ans : Harry Potter would make the best best-friend ever, wouldn’t he?
9.      How long have you been blogging? What was the experience like?
 Ans : Three Years. My blog has become a part of my life, I love it but I don’t show it all the time. (Sorry blog L for not loving you the way you deserve to be loved. Damn! I am pathetic.)
10.  What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
 Ans : Coming home from school and talking with my sister for an hour or two, describing the events of the day, EVERY DAY. I miss those days. No wonder, I didn’t need a diary then.

My questions to the bloggers I have nominated –

1.      When was the last moment you were unkind to someone?
2.      When was the last moment you complimented someone you do not like/appreciate?
3.      Name the blog you follow the most.
4.      What’s your favourite quote and why?
5.      What’s the last book you read?
6.      When’s the last time you wrote something creative?
7.      If you could only read books or write your own stories, what’d you choose? No, you can’t choose both.
8.      What’s your favourite poem?
9.      Did you like/dislike the questions asked to you?
10.  Why? (Ans of q. no 9)


  1. Thanks Sanhita fire nominating. Will try to do the justice. Bit life always didn't throw equal opportunities at you and priorities have bad habit of coming wrong time. So will see I can shuffle through those.

    1. :-) someone needs to punish his phone's auto-correct ;-) :-P


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