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Hijras Today

It was when I was returning home today from office that an abrupt desire to protest erupted in me and I ended up shedding a tiny teardrop. I wasn’t in a difficult situation; I was just alone and thinking.
I have often found myself uttering words of protest ceaselessly when people have mocked homosexuals in front of me. I have often found myself talking over phone or discussing about the miseries of being a woman (or man, at times), of ill-treatment towards women/men/children, etc.
What disturbed me today was my realization that my concept of an “egalitarian” society didn’t have the third gender in it? Even when I wrote the article Are you a lesbian? (Published in the Good Times of the North-East), transsexualism didn’t even cross my mind. I was a little ashamed, a little broken and a little angry when I realized this fact while reading a recent article on the e-magazine Fried Eye about the third gender and their ways of life.
Thinking “Probably, writing this blogpost would help me ge…

Let him Dream...

Let him dream, 
the dreams he sees,
dreams of crystal blues
of shining pearls
and various hues,
of that what is fair,
of that what is just,
let him not see
the truth that hurts.
And that what went wrong
let him not know.
Oh! let him sleep
in serene ignorance
let him dream
let him be...