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She was here...

There were traces remaining,
like footsteps on wet sand.

They could be wiped off
by his slightest touch,
a slightly stronger wind,
but he chose not to,
and no such wind blew.

Those traces,
they remained,
as if they awaited her;
her homecoming.

But she,
she was nowhere near,
unheard of,
like the tiniest pieces
of broken glass
dissolved in the dusty air...

Eons, then, passed,
the wet sand coagulated,
telling stories
they once bore,
as traces
waiting to be effaced...

Silent Voices : A Book Review

Silent Voices  poems
Author: Rohit Shetty Publication House: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd Pages : 60 Price : INR 50 / $4
Poetry is a flow of emotions that otherwise remain dormant in the heart behind a veil that doesn’t let you speak. Rohit Shetty began his literary journey at the age of 12 when he wrote his first poem. He used to be an introvert, as mentioned in the Acknowledgements of this book that made it difficult for him to convey his emotions. And when he learned to write poems, he embraced this art as his closest friend to jot down the emotions he felt. His loneliness and introversion became a boon for him and his poems.
“Each poem I wrote relates to a real-life incident that had happened to me,” says Rohit.
“Silent Voices” is his first book of poems that contains a total of fifty beautiful poems. The poems talk of love, loneliness, grief, optimism and other varied emotions.
“A Caged Spirit”, his longest poem in the book, talks of a tale of a princess trapped and how a knight i…