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Thick Skin or a Filter?

You know what people can do to you? They can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. And then they can gently give a push so that you tumble down and hurt yourself. They can love you and then they can ruin you. They can make you feel that you’re the best and then they will begin to find the flaws on you. They can show you what’s wrong with you and they can make you feel miserable. They can let you know that you’re beautiful inside and everyone should be like you. And then they can tell you what and how you should be like.
But can they? Really?
I believe they can’t. Well, unless, of course if you let them.
Thick skin, some people call it. But what I believe is that rather than having a thick skin that is immune to all the criticism of the world, one can just learn to be happy while having a thin and all-absorbing skin too.
If you’re peaceful inside and content, not complacent, with yourself how can anyone’s opinion bother you? How can a break-up shatter you? Or, how can …