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"Are You a Lesbian?"

“Are you a lesbian?” A friend of mine once asked me mockingly when we were discussing about my aversion from some (“some” not “all”) kind of men.
“No. But does it matter?” I asked her scornfully.
No, I wasn’t bothered that I was asked a question about my sexuality. But what I didn’t understand was that is being a lesbian a matter to be jeered about? What if I was one? Wouldn’t I be hurt and embarrassed that my sexuality was just mocked at? Why are the words “gay” or “lesbian” used as slangs?
Another incident, that took place a couple of years back, was when I was teasing two girl friends of mine, accusing them of having an affair. I considered it as normal as teasing a guy and a girl. One of them found it so disrespectful that she, instead of simply denying the fact, chided that she isn’t of such “third class” standard. I later discussed the small argument that we had, with her, trying to make my point that being a lesbian or a transgender doesn’t define anyone’s class or standard…

If Money Didn't Matter?

What if money weren't an object?

Would we be together then,

In some faraway land?

Or would we work till late night,

Just like we do every time?

And would we say we love our jobs,

as much as we love our sidelines?

Would we spend so little time,

with friends, as we do now?

What if money didn't matter?

Would we let the childhood dreams shatter?