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Showing posts from March 3, 2013

Why I wrote?

I wrote...

in love, in happiness, in bliss...

I wrote..

when it was divine to love and be loved...

I wrote..

when you left..

I wrote..

being hurt, in pain, in agony..

I wrote..

when it was heartrending to be left...

I don't write anymore..

My blog, it's destitute of emotions.. 

for I don't feel you anymore..

 love has left, so has pain..

and I don't even know you anymore..

 and my heart, it's numb today..

I, Me Aur Main: Short Review

Nice effort by John Abraham to act.. better than whats expected of him.. 

commendable performance by Prachi Desai , coming out of her comfort zone of being "shy and sweet" to someone who is feisty ..

Chitrangada Singh looked as suave and chic as she always does, but seems like she was typecasted as all her characters played in the movies she was a part of, were comparatively similar..

Raima Sen played her character well but she along with Sameer Soniseemed barely necessary in the movie and they didn't have much to contribute. they are not to be blamed and we know that ..

nice and plausible story.. poor screenplay.. the first few minutes were were enjoyable in bits and pieces.. good for a one-time watch..

conclusion- could have been better!

Words of Smiths

A National Poetry Competition was on for a period of around 4-5 months organised by Wiz Konect.. My poem got selected as one of the top-picks to be published in this anthology.. and when you read my poem you will know why it's named as such (so not poetically).. Read the entire poem in my blog -
or in the blog of Wizkonect -