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Chocolate? Or Love?

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Often I have pondered over life’s profound mysteries, Delving deep into present, future and long-forgotten histories, The question that never fails to leave me in a quandary, What is it that makes me different from all and sundry? Now that I have an answer to it, let me confess plainly, It is chocolates that I love the most, and most insanely. Melting in the mouth, it gives me a taste of heaven for sure, Bars, pastries, ice-creams and shakes, chocolates can so allure! Love, they say, and I hear, is the most wonderful thing on earth, Have those poor souls never tried chocolate ~ of much more worth? No complaints, no demands ~ only chocolates give a pleasure so pure, Yes, I might sound like a maniac, and this ailment has got no cure! I’m a blissful choc-fanatic, and love, for me, is no match at all, I simply fall in love with chocolates, every day, and have a ball! Fo…