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Atrocity in a Metro City

Published in the October 2013 issue of Fried Eye
“Punugulu,” she said and I considered it to be a joke. I asked her again the name of the food we were served for breakfast that day. And when my room-mate repeated the word, I realized she wasn’t kidding at all. I wasted no time to google up the word and find images of the food that looked exactly like what was on my plate. It’s been two weeks that I am in Hyderabad, yet I find it difficult to recognize the food I am served in my hostel. I was never a fan of South Indian cuisine and hence the ignorance.
“Hyderabadi Biryani” is the first couple of words that come to one’s mind when one thinks of Hyderabad. Well, I don’t know of the adjective “Hyderabadi” but I sure had the Biryani in three or more places here and I can say that the Biryani served in Guwahati was different, if not better.
These differ, everyone’s view points as well as everyone’s taste buds; and I, being a person who has a sweet tooth, have absolutely no palate for spicy …

Ablaze Within ...

It was either for the scorching sunrise that hurt her eyes or the cold breeze that blew scratching the fresh wounds on her arms, but Disha could tell that her friend had tears in her eyes for some reason or the other.
“Nothing,” Razia said, when confronted by Disha, hiding her eyes as she wiped her tears with her hands.
“Got paid?” Disha enquired.
“Yes.” Lied Razia while walking towards the place she has been calling home from the past couple of years. She headed for the bathroom as she entered her room where two girls were sitting, one smoking a cigarette while the other wearing make-up in front of the broken mirror in the room.
Razia cleaned her skirt that was smeared with her blood. She wasn’t prepared for it. After all it was that 14- year old’s first time. Not the first time that she had been “ridden” by men, nor the first time that she bled while bearing the intolerable pain the men gave her, but for the first time that she painlessly bled indicating a cycle of bleeding that …

Serenity Calls...

Come to me when the fear does overpower
and I will lull you with the tales of valour
fear not the fear lurking inside you
like the demons, it will be defeated too

Come to me when grief strikes you hard
and I will sing to you the songs of a bard
grief too will falter, sorrow will leave
and the shelter of joy together we will weave

Come to me when you think you are all alone
and I will show you it sits not on a throne
it is love eternal that is within your heart
loneliness will elope, don't break apart

Oh, come to me when you feel there is evil
and I will remind you of your true will
for there's good within you, mighty and pious
evil will diminish, in peace it will leave us

Come to me when cruel seems your life
and all that's bad, we together will wipe
come to me when nothing seems alright
we'll overcome with our spirits blithe...