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An evening with Indrani Raimedhi

[ This is an interview of Indrani Raimedhi madam (IRM), taken by Sanhita Baruah (SB) and Abhinav Bhattacharyya (AB) published in the 2012-13 issue of AECIAN, the annual magazine of Assam Engineering College.]
Indrani Raimedhi is a well-known journalist, columnist and writer. She is an Assistant Editor features in The Assam Tribune, a premier English newspaper of the North East region. Author of eight books, she has been the resource person in IGNOU's phone in radio programme on creative writing. Her books have been selected for purchase by the Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation and the US Library of Congress. In 2004 she was awarded the Kunjabala Devi Award for Investigative Journalism on women's issues. Her fortnightly column ‘The Third Eye’ appears in The Assam Tribune, and has enjoyed great popularity.

SB: Madam, we know that your journey in writing started pretty early and you have been writing since your school days. When was it that you realised that you wanted to opt f…

Embracing the Winter you left...

Let that summer be yours
and this winter, it will be mine to keep...

the ever expanding white
and the naked tree standing alone shamelessly
let the green that once was, be yours 
and this pallidity will be mine to keep...

the coldness the sun fails to obliterate
the darkness that falls sooner than ever
let that warmth bygone be yours
this solitude will be mine to keep...

Once in a lifetime, LOVE enters stealthily through the backdoor of your home built with 

high walls, sits in your parlour for a while, so quietly that you don't discover its presence

 until it has made its home inside yours... and then it acquaints you with the paradise it 

brings..and you, like a little child with her new doll, spend your days and nights inebriating 

the contentment it gives.. and LOVE, like an old neighbour, like a sibling, becomes your 


But then it decides to leave, leaving you alone in your empty house like a feeble mother of a 

debauched son .. 

and when it does, it never goes as stealthily as it came... it finds its way to the front door 

and walks out breaking the walls you had once built to protect the home which just 


but you pick up the broken pieces, and build a wall stronger ... :)

Love Perseverant

His silence was depressing
His emotions, hidden
He couldn't fake a smile anymore

Her silence was her answer
her integrity, overt
She embraced his sorrow henceforth

He walked a million miles away
she followed his steps
till the end of the day

her tears were her love
his hatred, her strength
she bore the adversities, yet walked forth

his heart did melt
in oblivion, his misery was
he couldn't evade her love anymore

His silence was warm
his emotions, at peace
he took to mend the heart he once tore

her perseverance was answered
their love bloomed
and they didn't need words anymore...