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"Are You a Lesbian?"

“Are you a lesbian?” A friend of mine once asked me mockingly when we were discussing about my aversion from some (“some” not “all”) kind of men.
“No. But does it matter?” I asked her scornfully.
No, I wasn’t bothered that I was asked a question about my sexuality. But what I didn’t understand was that is being a lesbian a matter to be jeered about? What if I was one? Wouldn’t I be hurt and embarrassed that my sexuality was just mocked at? Why are the words “gay” or “lesbian” used as slangs?
Another incident, that took place a couple of years back, was when I was teasing two girl friends of mine, accusing them of having an affair. I considered it as normal as teasing a guy and a girl. One of them found it so disrespectful that she, instead of simply denying the fact, chided that she isn’t of such “third class” standard. I later discussed the small argument that we had, with her, trying to make my point that being a lesbian or a transgender doesn’t define anyone’s class or standard…

If Money Didn't Matter?

What if money weren't an object?

Would we be together then,

In some faraway land?

Or would we work till late night,

Just like we do every time?

And would we say we love our jobs,

as much as we love our sidelines?

Would we spend so little time,

with friends, as we do now?

What if money didn't matter?

Would we let the childhood dreams shatter?

Love is like a...

Your love is like a glass of wine
it's always less than I ask for,
its always more than I deserve,

your love is like the ring on my finger
I am embellished
by its glint,
It is admired
now and again,
It may not be commemorated

at all times,
but I will be incomplete,
with a void
if it's lost..

Remembering You

And I wonder if it makes sense, thinking about you,  and for so long..

I wonder if they mean anything your talks of love and pain.. I wonder if it's for me what you write, so dearly..

and I wonder if it makes sense, waiting for you, and for so long..

I wonder if you think about me While laughing with your friends I wonder if you remember me And how we used to be

And I wonder if it makes sense, Crying for you, and for so long..

The Fort of the Flowing Stream - Dibrugarh

Guatemala. The word was ringing in my ears when I saw the tiny green plants growing proudly in the fields unaware of the fact that they will be soon removed for the cultivation of another plant, for which they were grown in the first place.
 The lands near the road from Moranhat, a small town in the eastern part of Assam in the Dibrugarh district, to Kathalguri (Kathal meaning Jackfruit in Assamese) were mostly devoted to the cultivation of Tea.  Assam is known for the black tea it produces, commonly known as “breakfast” tea or simply Assam Tea. Green and white teas are also grown in the state although in smaller quantities. Almost half of the tea produced in the state comes from Dibrugarh.
On the right side of the road lied the green fields filled with tea shrubs, all of the same height, with a few trees growing amidst the neatly columned shrubs to cater shade to them.  Some fields had tea plants that were almost a hundred years old, as told by my friends who were dwellers of the Di…

One Wild Night

We pretend so perfectly that nothing happened,
but hell yes, it was a wild night..

and it's fun to see nobody knew..
even the stars didn't see it too..

and in the woods we stayed till late..
wrapped in your arms, 'twas a date..

and yes, it was that wild night..
and we don't know each other today..
and the moon pretends he didn't hear..
the sounds of pleasure that were made..
showering those kisses of lust..
and we pretend we know not what love is,..

and the smell of the flowers that bloomed that night
reminds me so much of you tonight

but all I know is, it wasn't love..
all it was, just another wild night... ;-)

Why I wrote?

I wrote...

in love, in happiness, in bliss...

I wrote..

when it was divine to love and be loved...

I wrote..

when you left..

I wrote..

being hurt, in pain, in agony..

I wrote..

when it was heartrending to be left...

I don't write anymore..

My blog, it's destitute of emotions.. 

for I don't feel you anymore..

 love has left, so has pain..

and I don't even know you anymore..

 and my heart, it's numb today..

I, Me Aur Main: Short Review

Nice effort by John Abraham to act.. better than whats expected of him.. 

commendable performance by Prachi Desai , coming out of her comfort zone of being "shy and sweet" to someone who is feisty ..

Chitrangada Singh looked as suave and chic as she always does, but seems like she was typecasted as all her characters played in the movies she was a part of, were comparatively similar..

Raima Sen played her character well but she along with Sameer Soniseemed barely necessary in the movie and they didn't have much to contribute. they are not to be blamed and we know that ..

nice and plausible story.. poor screenplay.. the first few minutes were were enjoyable in bits and pieces.. good for a one-time watch..

conclusion- could have been better!

Words of Smiths

A National Poetry Competition was on for a period of around 4-5 months organised by Wiz Konect.. My poem got selected as one of the top-picks to be published in this anthology.. and when you read my poem you will know why it's named as such (so not poetically).. Read the entire poem in my blog -
or in the blog of Wizkonect -