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Uff!! Mere Emotions on "Uff Ye Emotions''

It was during my semester exams when I got the news that Mahaveer publishers are conducting a short-story competition. Love was the genre, a genre on which I had never written any story before. But it so happens that when you read a theme, the story it forms by itself in your tiny grey cells. It did for me when I learned that the participants had to write a love story. But who had the time to pen down the story when every alternate day you have those giant exams that gobble you up in your sleep. Days went by and I forgot the story I had in my mind. My exams, they got over too. Only a few days were left for the submission period of the competition to be over when I realized I had to submit something, not because I simply wanted to, but because I had decided to and I actually had a story in my mind. 10th January 2013 was the last date of submission and I submitted my entry just before sunset crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

5 long days of waiting; and that’s when I thought…

Published Poem

Just received the December 2012 issue of the Taj Mahal Review - an International Journal devoted to Arts, Literature, Poetry and Culture to see my poem "The War" published  :-)

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola - A Review

What seemed to be like a simple story decorated with funny dialogues, turned out to be much more. Political satire and rom-com are one of the many categories the movie can be put under. Nevertheless it’s the first movie of this year worth watching or at least giving a try. It’s a mélange of adorable characters with some serious and some out of the way issues. Vishal Bharadwaj has successfully converted the whimsical story into a 160minutes long light-hearted and watchable movie. Tolerable? Yes. Enjoyable? Yes. Emotion-triggering? Not at all.
When some of the best actors of the country like Pankaj Kapur and Shabana Azmi are involved in the movie, the performance has to be highly commendable and it, without a trace of doubt, is. While Anushka Sharma looks dazzling like never before, Imran Khan’s new look is impressive too.
The storyline? Well, there isn’t any one story line, there are many. Not confusing, but meandering would be the word that would perfectly describe the storyline. F…
and you're still the one
 I look up to
whenever I'm bruised
by another thorn of reality...

and you're still the one
I look for
whenever I fly
with the wings of my dreams...

and you're still the one
who never looks back
nor cares
while I keep on losing
for you, my sanity...

Chocolate? Or Love?

[It is a Guest post If you want to contribute to this blog too, send your entries to]
Often I have pondered over life’s profound mysteries, Delving deep into present, future and long-forgotten histories, The question that never fails to leave me in a quandary, What is it that makes me different from all and sundry? Now that I have an answer to it, let me confess plainly, It is chocolates that I love the most, and most insanely. Melting in the mouth, it gives me a taste of heaven for sure, Bars, pastries, ice-creams and shakes, chocolates can so allure! Love, they say, and I hear, is the most wonderful thing on earth, Have those poor souls never tried chocolate ~ of much more worth? No complaints, no demands ~ only chocolates give a pleasure so pure, Yes, I might sound like a maniac, and this ailment has got no cure! I’m a blissful choc-fanatic, and love, for me, is no match at all, I simply fall in love with chocolates, every day, and have a ball! Fo…
searching for the unknown, 

running after the distant,

while leaving the ones who are near,

you may pretend you're fine,

but girl I sense your fear,

for when you have reached your destiny,

and we all know it's a void,

you will look back and see

no one but your shadow,

for everyone will, by then, flee..