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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Better than Your X, is she?

Just turned on channel VH1 yesterday and saw this single by VJ Anusha. The song is in my lips ever since.

 A great lyricist it must be, because the lyrics is awesome and makes total sense. A nice video is put up to match with the tempo.

Well, a part of the video seemed a bit clich├ęd – yes, I am talking about the part where Anusha and the back dancers wear a uniform like teen school going girls. This reminds me of the biggest hit yet debut by Britney- Hit me baby one more time. A school girl in uniform dancing and singing for a guy can never be warded off. Thus, the thought comes to my mind if the same mantra is used here in “Better than your X” to make it a hit.

 Traces of Avril’s influence can also be found in the lyrics too.
Well, it won’t be wrong to say that Anusha is the new Indian popstar going International.
Wish she stood out in the video whereas at some parts of the song her make-up and clothing did not differ at all from the back-dancers making her look not-so-important and tired. But at other parts of the song she is looking absolutely fabulous like she always does.

The “Loot Gaye” girl seems all set to loot an audience of millions. A perfect song for youngsters and teenagers with the perfect diva for the song, ‘’Better than your X” seems like a hit. And while I write this, there may be thousands singing – I am better than your ex, better than your next girlfriend.