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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, this may be the effect of watching the movie “Mujhse Fraandship (not sure how many R’s and A’s are there) Karoge” but I do think that there are some people who are “Chat karo to koi aur hai milo to koi aur hai, it’s almost like he is not the same person”.

There was this guy in my Economics tuition. He would never talk to me during the classes. Whenever I told him anything, he would reply with a nod of his head or, sometimes, could manage to make a “hmn” sound. That was the time when we all were new to social networking sites and would spend almost half the free time we get, on the internet (as if it ain’t true now). So, there was his profile amongst one of those whose friend requests I got. Since I knew him from tuition (and actually this made me sure that he knows me too), I accepted his request.

Now here comes his chat: “Hey gurlie!”. :-o. For a guy who could barely talk to me even if I start the conversation, this was never expected. Immediately I shoved the feeling of surprise away and replied with a “hi”. We chatted about our classes, short and long term goals, school grades, holiday trips, etc. After an hour of chat we both signed out. This happened the next day too. So, the next day at tuition when I saw him, I considered him to be a friend of mine and waved him wearing a bright smile on my face. Unfortunately, he didn’t return the smile. He just looked at me and… and that’s it- he just looked at me and turned away. I thought maybe he didn’t see me at all. Well, I knew he saw me but I considered it to be his absent mindedness (it’s because I happen to be absentminded every now and then). Umm,, So I walked up to him and talked and again his responses were the same- the occasional “hmn”. I thought he just may be a little shy to talk.

Now the same thing happened even after a month of chatting. So I finally stopped chatting with him. No replying to his chat= No falling in an awkward position after waving at him in public. [ While writing this post I had in mind all the chats and the totally different behavior of him in public, but to be honest, it’s me who is getting bored writing about a boring guy so I am gonna wind up this story while humming the song “seedhe point pe aao na”].

A month or two passed and finally I decided.. (I know the sentence is incomplete, it’s because you are just going to find out what I decided). One fine day, I asked him for a chat and it was for the first time that I was the first to start an online conversation. We chatted about the tuition, studies, preparation for the coming exams and just when he asked me why I wasn’t replying to the chats he had sent, I got my opportunity to complain about his odd behavior in public in spite of his friendly nature in the chats. A few minutes passed and he finally came up with an answer: “Ok, tomorrow at tuition I will be the first one to talk”.

 The next day at tuition, he waved at me. I looked at him and turned away. Maybe he thought that I was angry at him. He then came up to me and said “ Hi” and I replied “ hmn..” He talked and talked and all that I replied was “hmn” and I walked away ;) :D 

P.S. Dear readers, all characters and places appearing in the work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or incidences is purely coincidental.