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Home Remedies for Super Straight Hair :-P

Having naturally straight and long hair has its own advantage- Men often complement my hair and my female friends often ask how to make theirs straight. Now here is a easy and simple solution to make your hair straight so that it looks perfectly natural while saving you from the pains of visiting the parlour. So here goes my Gharelu Nuskha -
 We all know oil is extremely good for our hair. It protects your hair from damaging. So the next time your mother is cooking FISH, just sit beside her so that she can pour the oil that remains on the pan, on your hair. :-D.
After your hair is oiled you should know that it's protected so stand in the sun for 10 hours. (Yes , TEN)
Now your hair is hot and protected enough. So now you can keep an ANVIL on your hair as you sleep. Remember to spread your hair on the bed and then put the load of anvil on your hair (NOT on your HEAD). You will wake up with beautiful, strong, protected and super straight hair that will look natural n remain forever.

Take Away My Love

Take away the memories with you As you leave today Take away those happy moments Take away those tears too Because I found myself today When I lost you
Take away my screaming self Who wails and withers in pain Take away the pink letters Take away the smiles too Because they know it’s over And there’s nothing we can do
Take away all the pieces That reminds me of you But before leaving, Darling Take away my heart too Because it can’t love anyone else now As my love for you is true
Take away all the reasons That might make you to stay Take away all the regrets That didn't make me stop you Because deep within myself I know you loved me too

For Love Unrequited

For love that went wrong, I write tonight this song of stoics and emotions of hatred and devotions
for the man who never kept his words for the woman who conceived each to be true for the broken promises and hopes high for the lost love and solace found for the letters unwritten and songs sung for the million tears and smiles few...
for the woman who wanted to fly for the man with wings broken for the dreams shattered and heights unreached for the million places yet unseen for the vows forced and rules breached...
for the man who loved with a frail heart for the woman too strong to falter for the anxieties felt and her insouciance for the feelings untold and truths confessed for the first song and their last dance for the realities that hurt and imaginations that solaced...
for the woman whose courage was all she had for the man who shattered her only asset for the fears instilled by the cruel laughs for the claims of love and scars of war for the battles fought and lost for the courage feigned fo…

The Perfect Dress

Winter has come and Christmas is near. We all need that perfect dress that is classy yet comfortable for the icy cold weather. The trick is to keep it simple yet trendy. Online shopping is always preferable in the winters because of the comfort of sitting under the blanket with a cup of coffee on one hand and browsing through the clothes on your laptop with the other. has always been my favorite among the loads of other online shopping sites because of the variety of clothes and accessories it provides and the prompt delivery and cooperative customer care. Browsing through the clothes yesterday, I have chosen the perfect dress I always wanted to buy for myself. The dress that goes with all occasions, be it a party with your family and friends, or a day out, or an evening with your colleagues. Below is the dress I have assembled from Shoppers Stop:-
Happy Feet à Boots…

The Rummage

[N.B. It was written when I was in school :-P]

You were my golden flower
And I the thirsty bee.
I was, in every hour
struggling to find thee.

I was in sorrow,
residing in pain
but I knew tomorrow
I'd be revived by your rain.

But seldom did I know
that the battle hard fought
was never to be won,
I was destined to mourn.

Alas, the truth was unveiled,
the secret revealed,
that you were never mine
nor could I ever be thine.

Into pieces, was I shattered,
each part was in pain.
My longing was battered,
half-dead I remain.

Consoling my broken heart
that one day will favor fate,
but still knows my each part
that you are not worth the wait.

A Tale of Two Teardrops

Rubbing my eyes, I woke up today with a laugh, for a change; laughing at my own stupidity of falling asleep with the lights and the music player of my cell-phone on. The song “set the fire” was still playing on my mobile. It didn’t run out of battery these eight hours, strange that. The first thing I did after regaining senses was to check my pillow for wetness, just like the previous morning and the day before. No, it wasn’t wet with my tears this time. May be I didn’t cry as much as I thought I did. My familiar room looked like it always did: clothes dumped on the table, a few books on the bed, wires of the laptop and mobile chargers intertwined lying on the fall. But something was different today. It all looked a bit too perfect; as if someone deliberately kept them the way they are, emulating carelessness carefully. I shove the weird thought off my mind and headed for the bathroom attached to my room. Appalled I was when I opened the door: there was no bathroom, no …