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The War

The lust for bloodshed, Cries and wails. Broken domes, Victory and fame,
Orphaned children, Widowed women, Corpses and crippled soldiers, Defeat and shame.
Athena helped connive While Ares watched lain As Keres bore on her rummage for the slain.
Dragons flew over Breathing out the hot fire Horses ran in menace While the ruthless warriors Kept slaying sans penance.
A realm is now demolished Another expanded A king’s head is chopped off another smiles with triumph With pride he looks At the lives lost While he prepares For his kingdom Of unwilling acolytes Frigid women dismayed orphans and an empty throne..
 Read more at Taj Mahal Review Dec. 2012 Issue

Lost . . .

If only tears could heal...

Poem to be published in Minds at Work 2 by FirstStep Publishing

The Queen

She said she was a queen … of luck and fortune. Sitting on a street of Guwahati she laughed hysterically at her ill luck and misfortune. She said she was a queen … of wealth and all the riches. And she laughed at her tattered clothes and the bowl in front of her with a few coins in it.
It was a fine October noon and we were on our mission of distributing clothes to the needy. After providing clothes and talking to seven or eight people living on the footpaths of Guwahati we finally met this mysterious woman sitting on the pavement near a Hanuman temple.
Unlike the others she wasn’t crying, nor was she grateful when we gave her a saree. All she did was laugh at the world that passed by and pretended to ignore her. And when we were about to leave considering her to be someone who would not talk at all, she made us stay spell-bound with her  words.
She told us how she was born in a well-to-do family but was made to beg on the streets, not by her parents, nor by the stratified society,…