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Tears of blood

[The poem is written as a tribute and encouragement to the unfortunate rape victims of the society who are fighting every day to live with dignity. This poem is published in Read In Park]

Never had known pain,
As I do now…
Never knew what grief is,
But I do now…

When the morning sun knocks on my window,
I weep silently recalling that loathsome night,
When the rays fall on my wet pillow,
I wail in self pity ending another sleepless night.

Every morning I look into the mirror
To see the detested face,
Robbed, touched, raped,
I now loathe my every single trace.

I had begged for help,
Had cried for mercy,
But no one took a single step,
That night to rescue me

They jeered at my pain,
Laughed at my plight,
“Men” they called themselves
Those beasts of that night

The fear that arouse in me,
I fear it may bring my death
Growing day by day,
It questions my each breath

The bruises on my face will heal,
But the trauma evoked
The scars on my heart
Might take forever to be cured

I refuse to touch myself now,
I fear to go out,
I deny myself food and clothes
I wail my heart out

To forget whatever happened,
 I try each day
But the memories enliven
And I fail every single day

I wonder if I get to live
A normal life like the others
Without questions or doubts
Nor sympathy from others

Withal, I fight back my tears,
And hold my head high
As the one who should be ashamed
Are those beasts  of that night.


  1. Your words create magic ... the 2-3 minute read builds up such an environment that i can feel the pain of your words ... Very well written indeed... You breathe in life to your words ...

  2. thanks Rahul.. good readers like u are what my poems look for :)

  3. The plight of young girls who undergo such trauma well depicted Sanhita. Our world is changing at a pace which is too rapid for us. The security is a big concern for all the females and I just pray that some sense is knocked into the beasts you mentioned in the poem.
    Meaningful poetry Sanhita :)

  4. Goose bumps all over... your expression of that happening is full of pain & anguish-----how do these beasts live with themselves? Certainly it is they who need to hide their faces if at all they choose to live, & it would be a shame if they chose to live on...the earth will be a better place without them.

  5. Thanks Jay Singh and Indu chibber :)

  6. Very powerful! Kuods to you for writing such a brilliant poem.

  7. You got a future as a writer,I must say...:-D

  8. @saru singhal: Thanks :)
    @Rahul : u r no less :)

  9. A very powerful poem. Makes me sad ..

  10. Heart wrenching to say the least. Could feel the emotion and pain.
    Very well written :)

  11. @anil kumar and @puru thanks a lot for reading :) I thought of putting my feelings and sufferings in a poem and now i think i did fine:)

  12. Very layered and insightful. Poetry is something I cannot do well, which makes me appreciate it even more..

  13. Very painful..the whole incident came in front of my eyes..wish that girl be bold enough to come out of the trauma..wonderfully penned Sanhita..bor dhunia ke likhisa..

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.


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