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The Four Foul-ups

Thy fear commences like a tiny spark
Stays like a gentle flame
And when the time cometh
For destiny and success
The fear rises like a fire betimes
And kindles everything in its neck of the woods

And thy greed cometh stealthily
seeming like a innocuous fly
and when the time cometh
for charity and altruism
it grows up to be a enormous vulture betimes
and feeds on all benevolence in its neck of the woods

And thy envy cometh in like a guest
takes its first step into your mind
and when the time cometh
for merriment and jubilation
the guest turns into a tyrant betimes
and takes over everything in its neck of the woods

And thy hauteur cometh with a tiny achievement
agglomerates to create a mountain
And when the time cometh
for reality's river
the river breaches the mountain betimes
and washes away all the land in its neck of the woods

The Plait Problem- the story of my journey from Hair Hassles to Trendy Tresses

This post was written for a contest in Indiblogger by Dove

It was two weeks ago when I and two of my friends had planned to spend a night at Betty’s house. It was never in my comfort zone to stay away from home- partly because I am a shy person and do not talk much with anyone except Lisa, but mostly because of my diffident nature. It was my hair problems that stole my positivity away when I turned 20 and interposed diffidence in me.
It was my sophomore year when the problems began, and when my fellow mates were looking their very best I had to lose a million hair strands each day due to travelling to and fro college which was almost 11kms away from my home.  I had been avoiding people ever since.
One day Lisa bought a hair straightener and suggested me to use it. Indeed it worked its magic and I looked good, for a change, but only for a few hours. I liked the way I looked after straightening my hair and decided to do this every day.…