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Confessions of a Foodoholic

Having spent almost 90 percent of my allowance in food (and the rest 10percent in travelling to and fro the food courts) and having being quite “famous” (or rather infamous) among my chums for my “appetite” I finally decide to share an important-to-me and may-be-funny-to-you lesson I have learnt in my years spent in harmony with my appetite.
No matter how many mood swings I have had in my life, my “food-life” has never been boring. I have been to almost all the restaurants of Guwahati. I have even been to all the food courts near my area during my one-month stay at Delhi. At home, I open the door of the refrigerator every hour hoping for a miracle to occur and more food to appear, even after emptying the fridge of it. At times, I have had the amount of food that two adults can together have (and sometimes three). Well, that explains why I am so “healthy” (read: rotund).
Gone are those days, when I used to tell my friends that calling someone “healthy” is a polite way of telling him that he is a fatso and that we should call a spade a spade. Now I wish there were more politeness in the air.
  My reason for over-eating is simple: I tend to overeat when I am sad, food always cheers me up; I also tend to overeat when I am happy, it’s my way of celebrating the simple joys; and sometimes I overeat because I have nothing else to do. But again, this post of mine was not meant to encourage people to gorge, but to tell them why not to be a food-oholic. Below are ten reasons why not to be a foodie and I believe the first reason is enough for an answer.

1.   Overeating makes you fat. No one wants to be fat (except for the helpless foodies like me).
2.      Overeating costs a hell lot than you think it does. You will realize it when by the end of the month you will be broke and your friends will still have a part of their allowances intact.
3.      People don’t like to invite the “over-eaters” in parties, esp. when they are serving a buffet.
4.      Experts say overeating can affect the brain and its activities (these experts!! Why do they have to have a say in everything!!)
5.      People think being fat means you are strong and they let you carry all the heavy stuffs (trust me, it happens :P)
6.      If you are a kid, then your school mates might call you names.
7.      You may ardently love a dress hung in a shop but no matter how hard you try, you may not fit into it.
8.      A larger pair of shoes always cost more and so do the skirts, trousers and dresses.
9.      When you are a foodie, you are always hungry and one serving is never enough.    
10.   And lastly, the point we all know, and we all fear- high sugar level, cholesterol, diabetes, and other blah-blah diseases.

Now, for those who are already food-oholics and cannot do anything about it, here’s a little ray of hope. While writing the above ten points and sipping hot latte, I could think of only one positive outcome of being a foodie and that, if proven to be true, might outdo the above ten points. Being a foodie makes you know a lot about dishes and so it might someday lead you to be a renowned food critic, and you might end up judging a cookery show just like Matt Preston and enjoying celebrity hood (unlikely but not implausible :P ).

So, all the food-lovers out there: “Bon appĂ©tit” ;) 


  1. Your reasons for overeating are the same as that of mine and everyone else I know, so maybe not being a foodie is sacrilegious. :P


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