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The Ball

This poem was published in an e-magazine Word Splash in its issue of July 2012 It was also a Guest Post at

Enchanted with the music
charmed with the song
I was in your arms
in last week's Ball.
The warmth of your voice
and the soft breeze
touched my neck
and left me pleased.
Aware I was not
of the crowd near me
Lost, I was
in the dreams of thee.
I danced with you.
by my faith in you.
With your first touch
I gave my heart to you.
With the first move
I bared my soul to you.
The world seemed a myth
and you seemed real.
I lifted my eyes to see
my worries disappear.
Forgetting everything
I was dancing in charm.
Losing myself
to your heart melting warmth.
With ecstasy and love
I danced and danced
until you showed me the ring
on my left hand.
Alas, I woke up
when the reality did unfold
It dawned on me
someone's mistress you did hold.
I looked around
and saw my man in anger
whose better half was
in the arms of a stranger…

Maledictions of the mendicant

It was a busy day; busy roads, crowded buses, noisy markets and traffic jams. 

As usual, I was returning home after delivering a two-hour long and mundane lecture about bonsais at my College. Since two years I have been teaching the same content to the students of the same College. Three seasons have passed since I first decided to change my workplace, to teach in a better school, or the University; but all my attempts of commuting the job have been futile. I was winnowed out from both the Colleges I had applied in the past few months. 

The day after was a big day: after flunking in the first entrance test and after arduous striving, I finally qualified for an interview at the State University, and it was due the next day. The University was offering a handsome salary to lectors and I did not, at any cost, want to lose this opportunity. Consequently I had been preparing for the next day’s interview for the last few days. Even on my way home, I was reading a Botany Journal while the old …