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And it rained...

As expected, it was raining heavily in the cold October evening. I ran towards a bus while the wind flew my umbrella away. It was dark and I got totally drenched in the rain- not a comfortable situation for a 14-year old returning from her tuition classes, who was now searching for a seat in a city bus crowded with drunken men. Luckily enough, I found a seat with only one passenger sitting on it. I went up to him and asked “Shall I sit here?”
He was a man in his mid-fifty’s wearing a grey shirt and what looked like a carelessly worn bleached white dhoti. The man politely nodded and uttered a ‘yes’ but to my surprise he did not give me way to sit near the window nor had he left enough space that I could sit near him letting him sit by the window; he was sitting right in the middle of the seat made for two. Miffed by this indecent behavior of his, I told him harshly to move to either of the two sides of the seat. He moved to occupy the aisle-seat entirely while telling me to take the wi…

The Fare Affair

“Madam, your fare?” the bus-conductor asked the lady sitting beside me
in the bus I took from Jalukbari to Panbazar yesterday. The woman
handed out a ten-rupee note and got back a couple of coins.  I had a
fifty-rupee note clutched between my fingers to give to the conductor.
Although, the fare is only seven rupees, I did not have any other
notes of less value with me that day.
To my surprise, the conductor
moved on to the next seat to ask for fare without taking mine.
Perhaps, he confounded that I had given my fare already.
I was delighted by the fact that I had my seven bucks saved and I
could spend it on a candy bar.
But, deep within me, there was guilt
that I was doing something unjust.On one hand I was euphoric that I
had deft enough not to let anyone know that the reason of the smile on
my face was that I was travelling without a ticket. On the other hand
it made me feel debauched as I was entirely aware that the conductor
forgot to ask me.
Considering my conscience, it was not …