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The Break-up Resolution

Attempt # 1
So, my resolution for the year 2011 was this easy – lose eating high cholesterol food, lose weight. And I celebrated the first day of the new year with cakes, chocolates and burgers (u may LOL, but this implies failure and failure actually hurts).

Attempt # 2 So, on the second day of the year, I decided that the resolution was not easy to stick to and a new resolution is required (you may ask why, simple, it’s because everybody else has one). So, my new new-year resolution was to exercise daily, lose weight. Now, it was just a day ago that I broke a resolution so this time I had to stick to whatever I had declared to myself. But of course, I am not someone to begin the hard work from the very first day. Hence, “from tomorrow it is” I affirmed to myself. On the third day of the year, it was not until midnight that it occurred to me that I forgot to “inaugurate” my exercise routine that day. So, “from tomorrow it sure will be”. On the fourth day of the year I actually began…